Using the Netflix model to save the movie theater?

Chris Dorr at Tribeca Film Festival online suggests a new buisness model for movie theaters: the subscription.

You go to a website or download an application to your device that gets you a list of every movie theater in the United States. From this list you get to pick two movie theaters.

For example, I would pick the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 and the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas, both on Broadway in Manhattan. One shows mainstream Hollywood fare and the other shows foreign and independent movies. Both are my local theaters.

The key point is this: each customer gets to create her own access point at any theater across the entire United States. Think of it as choosing your own screen much like Netflix allows you to do.

Then I put in my credit card and agree to pay $10 per month ($120 per year) and receive a movie pass to these two theaters. This movie pass allows me to go to any movie at any time at each of these theaters.

Interesting thought but will this really increase theater revenues? Certainly I would love to take advantage of this but that’s because I see at least two if not more movies each month already. Would this encourage more theater-going and save the movie theater industry or would it just be another discount for movie addicts?

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