Oscar noms out – how did I do in my predictions?

Oscar noms were announced this morning. There were pretty much zero surprises (the biggest may be the absence of Leslie Manville from Supporting Actress). How did I do with my predictions?

Best picture: 9/10 (predicted The Town but they went with The Kids are All Right)

Director: 3/5

Actor: 4/5 (Gosling gets snubbed for Bardem)

Actress: 3/5 (Sort of surprised about Kidman – that movie hasn’t really gotten a whole lot of buzz)

Supporting Actor: 3/5 (oops, only put 4 in my prediction. Doess the lack of Andrew Garfield portend badly for The Social Network?)

Supporting Actress: 2/5 (batting .400 is only good in baseball…)

Documentary: 3/5

Cinematography: 4/5 (though if I had gone with my sleeper instead of Winter’s Bone’s McDonagh I’d be perfect! Go Roger Deakins – they gotta give it to him at some point!)

I got 31 of 45 correct – not too shabby.

Just a quick note about costume design: good on the Academy for nominating at least one (essentially) contemporary film with I Am Love.

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