Screw you Hollywood for neutering David O Russell

Thanks to freelance writer Dan Kois for bringing to my attention (via Slate’s end of the year film discussion) the project that David O Russell gave up on before making The Fighter. Behold, the project that Hollywood will never let see the light of day: Nailed. Jessica Biel plays a waitress who gets a nail through her head, goes to DC with activists for health care (including Tracy Morgan as a dude with an “anal prolapse” whatever that is) and meets and gets exploited by sleazy Congressman Jake Gyllenhaal.

Why the hell does Russell waste his time on forgettable blah sports movie cliches punctuated by scads of over-praised scenery munching that get not only released but proclaimed as great cinema while his maniac-genius is wasted and works like Nailed never made it out of production?

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