Trailer: It’s a funny kind of story

Saw this trailer for the new feature from Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (the makers of the wonderful Sugar and Half Nelson) last night before a showing of The Kids are All Right at the Kendall Cinema. I can only hope that the insensitive and ignorant way they address severe mental illness resides more in the trailer than in the film. As someone who has worked with many people who are sort of “frequent fliers” hosptialized in units such as the one this film claims to depict I can tell you there is very little funny about it. Delusions, hallucinations and paranoia of the nature that gets one hospitalized in a locked unit are frightening for everyone involved and generally people sick enough to be in such a 21st century psych ward are not edgy Kristen Stewart/Juno types who wear shirts that say “I hate boys” on them to demonstrate how much of an “outsider” they are. Teen angst doesn’t get you locked in a psych ward. After their thoughtful depiction of middle-class drug addiction and the unique immigrant experience of a Dominican minor league ball player in their previous films I really expected more sensitivity from Boden and Fleck than this trailer provides. Here’s hoping the film is better than this.

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