Wherein I bloviate anew about the Oscar Noms

Nom nom nom!

Best Picture

What should win? Inglorious Basterds or The Hurt Locker

What will win? God, I really think it’s going to be Avatar. Or fucking Up in the Air. Pft.

Snubs? In the Loop, Goodbye Solo, Hunger

WTF? The Blind Side has just invalidated this whole “expanded to 10” thing in it’s very first year. Then again, it’s the Oscars and they’re dumb anyhow.

Best Actress

Should – I didn’t see any of these movies. I haven’t seen many impressive fem performances this year – it’s been quite dude heavy.

Will – We’ll all wake up the next morning with Streep throat

Best Actor

Should? Renner

Will? Bridges, becuase it’s like Mickey Rourke in the Wrestler, only about Country Music. I also didnt’ see it. I discovered this year that I really don’t have much interest in seeing most of what the academy thinks is good. I think the academy only has good taste in years like 2007 when the cup overflowed-eth with Coens and PT Andersons and such.

Supporting Actor

Should? Waltz

Will? Waltz

Snub? Peter Capaldi in In the Loop

Supporting Actress

Should? Dunno, I only saw one of these

Will? Kendrick

Screw this, I hate the Oscars I think. 2007 dragged me back into believing the academy had taste, only to be shot down by poverty porn mediocrity last year and forced to consider The Blind Side as a great film this year.

Cinematography – the snub and what should win was Hunger, but nobody saw it. They’ll probably give it to Avatar, though comparing Avatar to the rest of the films is like comparing an A-Capella performance to a symphony.

Costume design….I don’t like this award. Costuming is important in films outside of those that are musicals and historical costume dramas. I imagine a film like Precious is at least as reliant on costumes (and probably shows a greater deal of creativity and verisimilitude in costuming) than any of these. Pfft.

I’m such a curmudgeon.

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