Eating my Vegetables – an introduction!

So the new year has come and I’ve made a unique resolution. As those of you who know me may know I got on a kick starting a few years ago wherein I would get movies from Netflix and if I didn’t watch them right away would just copy them (the FBI’s totally goanna bust me!) to watch them later. However, as one may guess, later rarely comes, especially for the films that I like to call “eating your vegetables” movies. Those films that you’ve read about as being amazing and/or important but, when you think “what do I want to watch tonight” always seem to be overshadowed by more immediately appealing (or “easy”) choices. Some of the reputed greatest films in history have been set aside by me, vowing to absorb their uberness at a later date that hasn’t yet come. Some of these films include Jean Renoir’s “The Rules of the Game,” Dryer’s “The Passion of Joan of Arc,” Di Sica’s “The Bicycle Theif” (or Bicycle Theives? I’ve seen the second title used by the Brattle Theater recently) and pretty much all of the most praised films of Akira Kurosawa and Ingmar Bergman.

So, my resoultion for 2009 is to watch at least one “eat your vegetables” movie per week and blog about it here for your enjoyment (or, you know, the opposite of that.) This is sort of my own version of the great film commentary series from the Onion AV club like Better Late than Never. I generally only blog about films that really move me one way or another, but whatever – if I don’t have much to say I’ll probably keep it short.

Last night I saw North by Northwest for the first time, so I’ll start with that and see how it goes. Wish me luck!

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One Comment on “Eating my Vegetables – an introduction!”

  1. John Says:

    “Bicycle Thieves” is the proper title. And that movie is insanely great. As is “The Rules of the Game.”

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