The Mighty Boosh

(Part Four of This Series)

The Mighty Boosh is the name of a television show (2004-2007), but it’s also the name of the double act of Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding.  This summer saw their initial push to break America (including the most charming panel in the history of Comic Con) and it pains me that Adult Swim has chosen to sell them as a crazy, surreal oddity that only stoners would appreciate because the show couldn’t be more straightforward and old fashioned.  Here, give them one minute:

That’s basically the show.  They go on adventures, but all of the journeying is just a framework for jokey vaudevillian dialogues – if you like that sort of thing, you’ll love this, and if you don’t, you won’t.  Me, I could watch those two flirt and bicker all day.

The rest of the regular cast consists of American Rich Fulcher, Noel’s brother Mike, and Noel’s friend from college Dave Brown.  It’s that kind of let’s-put-on-a show.  The extras get padded out with other friends and family, and Barratt and Fielding write the show and all of the music and create the art design (it’s a beautiful show, and more so with each series).  They’ve been working together on one iteration or another of this project (stage shows, radio series) since the late 90s and they’ve created an entire world that is enormous fun to drop into.

There are ever cycling episodes being taken down and put back up on youtube, but at the moment you can watch Tundra, an episode from season 1 (when Howard and Vince are working as zookeepers) that’s as good an introduction as any – but all three series are available on DVD for us here in the U.S..  Here’s part 1 of Tundra and you can click through for the rest if you’re so inclined:

It’s really a lot like a children’s show, but for a pervasive preoccupation with the threat of rape that would be a sign of something weird in an American man, but which, I think, comes standard in the British male psyche.

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