BRUNO Take One

bruno horseI’m not going to talk substantively about the movie until people have had a chance to see it.  That said – while the reviews are all over the place, nearly all agree that the movie is hilarious – and that’s something I’m not so sure about.  There were funny parts, definitely, and I laughed all the way through – but I think I laughed more out of anxiety and shock than I did because something was humorous.  What I’m trying to say is that I watched most of the movie with my hands on my face.  What I’m trying to say is that the second half of Bruno was actually pretty terrifying, and deeply unsettling.  It was the most aggressive movie I’ve ever seen, and it’s primarily a movie about aggression, and I still feel off kilter and like I can’t quite figure it out.  You oughtn’t read reviews until you’ve seen it for yourself, but of all the reviews I’ve read, the one in the Guardian feels closest to my own experience.  Before this, I had thought Michael Haneke was the only figure of world cinema with the power to knot up my intestines in horror. But Baron Cohen has done something comparable. Yes, that.

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