The Antichrist Is On The Way!

antichrist“Since it premiered at Cannes on Monday, we haven’t been able to stop talking or thinking about ‘Antichrist,” said IFC Entertainment president Joanthan Sehring in a statement. “It is a towering work of cinema by one its greatest directors.  We are incredibly excited to bring this film to America and expect it to have a major impact on audiences not only in America but worldwide.”   – indieWIRE

If you’re a familiar with Von Trier’s work, then you understand why the prospect of an offensive and deliberately provocative Von Trier film is so awesome.  It’s like describing a cheetah as being “fast” – cheetahs are always fast so you know that a fast cheetah must have a goddamn  rocket strapped to its back.  That’s what this movie is going to be like!

If you’re curious about the films that may-or-may-not be coming our way over the next year, the Cannes coverage at the AV Club is predictably wonderful… and you might want to check out local critic Wesley Morris’ blog for another view, although I caution you that I had to stop reading the “Antichrist” entry because there are spoilers, and that makes him a bigger dick than LVT himself.

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2 Comments on “The Antichrist Is On The Way!”

  1. John Says:

    I’m super intrigued by this movie.

    Also, that cheetah metaphor made me laugh out loud at my desk. DAMMIT YOU’RE EMBARRASSING ME.

  2. menckenwasright Says:

    Hanneke’s won the Palm d’or. I’m ready!

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