You Ought to Watch Wendy and Lucy Straight Away.

wendylucy_01Netflix has added a new feature where they recommend movies based on weirdly specific intersections of past viewing. Today it accused me of favoring Critically Acclaimed Violent Crime Movies and Understated Dramas Featuring a Strong Female Lead. (I wouldn’t have thought of things that way, but damned if they aren’t correct). Anyhow, if you enjoy the latter category as much as I apparently do, you’ll be thrilled to learn that Wendy and Lucy is available for streaming. Oddly enough, the only movie I can think to compare it to is Smiley Face with Anna Faris. They’re both about young women who made mistakes and now must endure the cascading avalanche of consequences – but more importantly, they’re both movies where one woman’s face has to carry an entire film. Smiley Face is hilarious, and Wendy and Lucy is horrifically sad, but both actors tell stories that are more than worth your time.

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2 Comments on “You Ought to Watch Wendy and Lucy Straight Away.”

  1. menckenwasright Says:

    Hm, where did you go on Netflix for that feature – I can’t find it! Also, Wendy and Lucy was, I think, the 2nd best film of last year. Well played.

  2. Maura Says:

    You can allow netflix to define you when you click on “Watch Instantly” (which is where I live, pretty much).

    Also, this is really funny:

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