Raiders Conference

We don’t have to make him Oriental.  We can make him Black. -George Lucas

The monkey should be dressed up as a little Arab. -Steven Spielberg

It should be slightly amusing that he hates snakes. -George Lucas

In an extraordinary gift to the world, this guy posted a link to a PDF of a transcription of a 1978 story conference for Raiders of the Lost Ark.  The casual racism is fun (“It’s the crazy Oriental mind.  How do we know how it works?”), but the best part in these 126 pages of story construction and character building is the revelation that George Lucas thought it’d be a good idea to make Indiana Jones a pedophile.  Oh, you heard me right – in Lucas’ original conception of the Indy/Marion relationship, they had first had an “affair” when he was 25, and she was eleven.

Anyhow, I hate downloading things, but the link is safe, and if you’re a nerd for Indy, Lucas, Spielberg, or storytelling in general, it’s just wonderful.

(via the house next door).

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2 Comments on “Raiders Conference”

  1. menckenwasright Says:

    Excellent first post – I’m not a big enough fan to read that but it sounds amusing!

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